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Scheduling and Course Selection

Schedule Change Procedure

Consistent with Westminster High School’s goal of ensuring that every graduate is college and career ready, students are encouraged to take classes that best prepare them to reach this goal. While there are a number of classes that are required to fulfill graduation requirements, every student has the opportunity to supplement these classes with electives based upon their career goals and personal interests. Students who take the necessary courses to fulfill one of the state-approved completer programs and who take challenging courses from a variety of curricular areas are generally the best prepared for success when they leave high school. Based upon the rationale stated above, the following is a list of common reasons for which a schedule change may be granted. Students requesting a schedule change should be able to answer “Yes” to one or more of the following questions:

1.      Does your schedule show a mod with no class scheduled?

2.      Do you have two classes that meet during the same mod?

3.      Are you academically misplaced in a course? (requires teacher verification)

4.      Are you scheduled for a course without having already passed a prerequisite course?

5.      Are you scheduled into a class that you have already taken and passed?

6.      Are you unable to participate in a course because of physical limitations?

7.      Are you a SENIOR who is not scheduled for a course that is required for graduation?

8.      Does the schedule change increase the rigor of your educational program?

Schedule Change Procedures:

1.      A student should identify the reason(s) for the schedule change request from the above list, complete the schedule change request form available in the Counseling Office, and request an appointment with their school counselor.

2.      The counselor will then schedule an appointment with the student to discuss the request. If the requested change is due to academic misplacement, then the counselor will contact the appropriate teacher for his/her input.

3.      If after meeting with the student the counselor approves the schedule change, the counselor will sign the schedule change form and attempt to make the change to the student’s schedule. If the change cannot be made due to the factors listed on the reverse side of the form, the counselor will consider other options with the student, but in some cases, no changes to the student’s schedule will be made. The counselor will notify each teacher that is affected by the change and communicate to the student and the teachers the date that the change will take effect.

Course Selection Information for the 2024-2025 School Year